Hamilton Max Vinyl Record Shelf on wall near lamp

How To Hang Your Vinyl Record Shelf To The Wall

You can never have too much vinyl storage. Lets outline the steps to hang the Hamilton Max Vinyl Record Storage Shelf to your wall.


Tools and Materials

  • 2 x 35mm wall screws (provided)

A single wall screw

  • 2 x wall plugs (provided)

A single wall plug

  •  Philips head screw driver

A philips head screw driver

  • Cordless drill
  • 3mm drill bit
  • Measuring tape
  • Spirit level
  • Wall Stud finder (optional)


1. Measure distance between middle of shelf key holes



2. Mark where you want the shelf to go on your wall

Use the shelf to make an approximate mark where the shelf will hang. Tip, put your mark approximately above a key hole.


3. Mark your screw points

  • Mark one screw point.
  • Mark the second screw point horizontally across at the same measured key hole distance found in Step 1.
  • Note, Step 4 will make sure the 2 screw points are level.

Optional - Screw into a timber stud in your wall. For extra loading capacity, the shelf could hang off 1 or possibly 2 studs in the wall if they are the same width apart as the key holes. Use a wall stud finder to locate a timber stud.


4. Make sure the marks are level

Using the spirit level, readjust one of the screw marks up or down so that both screw marks are level.


5. Drill the screw marks

Using the Electric drill and 3mm drill bit, drill into the screw marks


6. Screw in wall plugs

Push the wall plugs into the holes. If required use a hammer to lightly tap the plug into the wall.

Note, if screwing into a wall stud, then wall plug is not required


7. Screw the screws into the wall plugs

Do not screw the screws all the way into the wall plug as the shelf key holes will not latch onto the screw head. Give the screw head about 2-3mm clearance from top of wall plug.


8. Hang your shelf onto the screw heads